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Welcome to your Galileo CMS site!

Galileo Galilei was “an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution.” – Wikipedia

When he first turned the telescope to face Jupiter, he used modern technology to improve the world around him.

Like the great scientist it is named for, Galileo CMS is not afraid to be very modern. Learn more about it on the about page.

Portrait of Galileo Galilei

The code

Galileo’s development is hosted on GitHub and the code, like most Perl projects, is also available via the CPAN.

About this demo

You can login using the credentials user:pass. Any content saved will be cleared soon. (Please don’t make me change this policy).


While you’re at it why don’t you try Galileo on your home system?

With a relatively modern Perl simply run

cpan -i Galileo

or (if you run with the new crowd)

cpanm Galileo

note: you may have to run these as root depending on your system’s configuration

Then configure in your browser after running

galileo setup

Finally start your server

galileo daemon

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